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Toosis Designs

Since 2001, Toosis has been brightening anything and everything with understated elegance. Now that Toosis pieces, crafted in Istanbul, are more accessible than ever before, you'll be able to bring the mystique of the city to wherever in the world you call home. Toosis designers Pınar Sondal and Mine Dogan are two sisters, two designers, two hearts, two souls that take the cosmopolitan vibe of the city and set it on its ear with inspired, fresh details. Handmade jewelry channels the importance of quality adornment and echoes accessory choices from another time, but the look of each piece can still blend with the most modern of ensembles.

Simplicity of design allows the designers creativity and craftsmanship to shine forth. Pared-down pieces feature hammered sterling silver dipped in bright 18K gold, with semi-precious gems or pearls taking center stage. Onyx, jade, quartz, and amethyst are a few of Toosis' featured stones, and sometimes two or three get clustered together on a stunning keepsake ring or bracelet. One thing's certain when one talks about Toosis: it's for the elegant woman who prefers simple, yet eclectic, design. Whether you're the type who lives in glam gowns or who simply wants the perfect accessory for dressing up casual wear, you can be sure that compliments will flow your way when wearing Toosis. Don't be afraid to reveal your secret, because there are more than enough unique pieces to go around!

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