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What is your product ?

925 sterling silver jewelry.( All our styles can be made in 14K gold as well. The molds and production process are the same , but using different metal material ).


Do you make custom jewelry?

Yes, we have can make our rings the size you want and add small changes and we can adjust the lengths of the necklaces and bracelets. We can use a different stone on a design of our you like if you request.


Is the material of the jewelry nickel free?

Yes, the material we use are nickel free .


How about the plating ?

Plating color: 18K gold, black rhodium, gunmetal, rose gold, etc.

2 tone or 3 tone plating colors are available. We can plate according to your request.


What type of stones do you use ?

Fresh water pearls, turquoises, agate, onyx, amethyst, lapis, moonstone, peridot, tourmaline, labrodorite, citrine, ruby, emerald, sapphire, carnelian, aventurine, appetite, amazonite, jade, rose quartz, smoky quartz, clear quartz, pyrite, aquamarine and a lot more precious stones, genuine leather materials, leather chains, etc. Also any other materials that you need for your jewelry.


What is 925 sterling silver jewelry ?

This designation refers to jewelry that contains at least 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% is copper, which endows the jewelry with its required strength. The 925 stamp found on each piece indicates the quality of the silver and its compliance with international standards.


What does "gold plated" mean ?

Gold plating/electroplating is a process in which a base metal (in our case silver) item is coated with a fine layer of gold giving the item a solid gold look.


What causes my jewelry to discolor ?

Discoloration of jewelry can be caused by many elements. The most well known cause is perfume, cologne, lotions, make up, hair spray and some household cleaning supplies. This is due to a reaction of the chemicals with the alloys in the gold.

And also, after long time use, the jewelry will gradually fade . but if you take care of it, it can stand longer, and even if it is getting old,  if you can clean it. It will recover to new.


Can I wear my jewelry 24 hours aday ?

Most jewelry is not designed for 24 hour wear. We recommend that you remove all jewelry items before you go to bed and before doing physical labor or activities that will cause excessive wear on the items. We also recommend that you apply perfumes, colognes, hair spray, lotion and other cosmetics before you put on your jewelry. If you choose to wear your jewelry 24 hours a day, never taking it off, you can expect damaged and lost stones, frequent maintenance and repairs.


My jewelry is tarnishing, what should I do ?

"Blackening" is a natural process that occurs in silver as a result of oxidation.

Oxidation is the character of silver material. You can clean your Star Harvest jewelry with a special detergent for sterling silver jewelry or with a jewelry cleaning cloth.

You may find that in summer your jewelry tarnishes faster due to the acidity of sweat and the humidity in the air.


How can I keep my sterling silver jewelry in good condition ?

Keeping your sterling silver jewelry shiny and glistening does not take much effort. We recommend the following:

Regularly clean your jewelry with a special cloth(available for purchase at jewelry shop).

We recommend showering with your jewelry on.  Soapy running water keeps the jewelry clean and prevents it from blackening.

However, swimming in the sea or a swimming pool with your jewelry on is not recommended. Salt water and chlorine can damage silver.

Keeping your jewelry in a jewelry box, a closed drawer or a small bag will keep it from blackening and prevent it from getting scratched.

Keep jewelry away from chemical substances(including lotions and perfumes) that can damage silver.


What is your warranty cover ?

For after sale issue, such as stones losing, etc. We offers a complete one-year warranty. In case any stones losing ,etc. we will offer free repair or exchange.

And If you want your jewelry to be renewed or re-plated to make it look new pcs, we can re-plate or re-polish for you, but with a little extra labor and material cost.

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